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Adding a Process Family in CTS

What are process families, and why should we add them 

Process families are created so that CTS can GROUP the RECORDS it creates into logical groupings, as an example:

If there are 35 records (rows in the CTS editor) for injection molding, then we need to create a PROCESS FAMILY for INJECTION MOLDING in order to tell CTS all 35 of these records are related, without this grouping CTS does not know about the relation. 

Process families can be grouped by processes, examples:

  • Injection molding 
  • Boring
  • Cutting 

Process families may also be created based on other demographics like machine types 

  • Fanuc Robot 
  • Arburg Molding presses 

Process Families have no bearing on structure (like a Part Family does) , but rather on how CTS understands the data you enter.

How to add a process family 

Step 1

  • Bring up the main screen
  • Click on user setting menu by clicking on the wrench

Step 2

  • Point on the Parts/Projects/Gage Studies tab

Step 3

  • Point on the Process Families tab

Step 4

  • Add a Process Family by clicking the + symbol 

Step 5

  • Click on the add new button
  • Enter the required information which is identified with an asterik
  • Click on the check mark to save changes – the saved information is now available in CTS