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Adding a Location in CTS

Why add a location inside of CTS?

Locations are essential for VISIBILITY of the PRODUCTS, RECORDS and PROJECTS inside of CTS. If you do not create/select the location then users will not be able to see the information on their dashboard. 

Locations can be physical (example “Detroit Fabrication Facility”) or organizational (example “The L Bracket Steering Committee”)

How to add a location


Step 1

  • Bring up the main screen
  • Click on user setting menu by clicking on the wrench

Step 2

  • Point on the Company tab

 Step 3

  • Point on Location submenu

Step 4

  • Add a location by clicking the + symbol

Step 5

  • Click on the add new button
  • Enter the required information which is identified with an asterik
  • Click on the check mark to save changes – the saved information is now available in CTS