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Adding a Product Family in CTS

What are product families, and why should we add them 

Product families are the structural pillars of CTS, and when an organization describes their product families, they are making a STRATEGIC decision, and so adding them needs to be done with thought and care

Product families are logical groupings for a company of product that they make, and as such SHOULD be based on product types, not on application.  Examples from various companies are shown below:  

For a bracket manufacturer

  • “L” brackets
  • Flat brackets
  • Plastic brackets

For a bearing company it could be 

  • Single row bearings
  • Double row bearings 

For an exhaust manufacturer it could be 

  • Straight pipes
  • Bent pipes
  • Canisters 

How to add a product family

Step 1

  • Bring up the main screen
  • Click on user setting menu by clicking on the wrench

Step 2

  • Point on the Parts/Projects/Gage Studies tab

Step 3

  • Point on the Product Family types tab

Step 4

  • Add a Product Family by clicking the + symbol 

Step 5

  • Click on the add new button
  • Enter the required information which is identified with an asterik
  • Click on the check mark to save changes – the saved information is now available in CTS